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Ehata Financial takes great pride in being the first local independent advisory house focusing on global markets services and hedging solutions. We aim to positively influence the local financial industry by assisting our clients creating a more matured, informed and governed decision-making experience relating to financial risk management.

After working for nearly ten years at both local and international banks serving clients across various industries, I was inspired by the many ways clients view and perceive financial risk. At Ehata, every client is a unique experience that deserves a tailored thoughtful approach, thus aligning services provided with clients expectations.

With current Saudi economy reshaping, the coming years promise to be even more transformational, especially since the Saudi economy is becoming an integral part of the global markets with a rapid growth projection, expanding base and market participants.

At Ehata, we strongly believe in our capabilities and that we are well positioned to participate on realizing the Saudi vision by professionally accomplish our part as indicated in our slogan, Global Markets Advisory, and Beyond.

One of the major reasons for the establishment of Ehata was to fill the gap in which we have recognized in our local market. Being part of the other side of the equation for many years made us realize the importance of having an independent entity that is strategically positioned to cover the crucial consultancy services in the field associated with global markets risk and hedge assessment.

Across my career in banking, I had the privilege of handling strategic clients’ portfolios in the areas of treasury risk advisory and solutions with participation in the hedge execution of major syndicated deals within the kingdom. As a member of Ehata team, I aim to transfer this growing experience and knowledge for the benefit of our clients.

Nowadays, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is going through a major transformation plan in its path towards reaching its goals of the 2030 ambitious vision. And as a proud first of its kind local firm, we are determined to play our part and have a positive impact on our community.