Interest Rates Risk Management

Interest Rates Risk Management

At Ehata, Interest Rate Risk Management is one of the main pillars of the advisory services we are proud to offer. We believe that independence brings real value to our clients. We utilize our expertise to produce the most creative and innovative solutions for our clients. Our depth of perspective enables us to understand the impact of fluctuating Interest rates on our clients’ business and their desired returns on investments. We are in a position to educate our clients, when needed, on different rate risk management approaches.

Ehata team looks at interest rate risk from a macro perspective to the most standalone micro levels. Because of our belief in the importance of details, we would advise on bespoke pre-hedging strategies such as deal contingent hedging, and make sure we don’t leave anything to chance. We ensure that our clients are fully aligned with their preset interest rate management strategy, while still flexible in adapting to any new market developments. We consider all potential client events in our evaluations such as re-financings, IPOs, or relevant clauses in your hedge documentation to make sure that our approach is associated with the client diverse business practicalities.

Ehata’s advisors have a proven track record participating in key interest rate hedging programs with successfully achieving the desired end result of full price transparency, competitiveness, and best execution experience.

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